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Welcome to our brand new web site. This site is dedicated to those who love chess. You can be a tournament player, a sidewalk chess player, a chess mentor and what have you. Watch this web site as it evolves from its current state as, hopefully, a nice and informative web site. We plan to show photographs of Pinoys in the chess circle particularly Pinoys residing in North Amercia. Pinoys who actively participate in tournaments may send articles and photographs regarding their participation. Email it to

Top Pinoys converge at the Chicago Chess Open 2013

—- An assemblage of top Filipino chess players showed up in numbers to vie for the top spot at Chicago’s top chess tournament. GM Wesley So is among the Filipinos who showed up. Wesley managed to go through the competition without a loss but the numbers of draws got him out of the top spot. IM Angelo Young, a seven-time Illinois State Champion, made an attempt to get his GM title. The competition slated at least 15 Grand Masters and FIDE/National Masters. The pinoys were represented by Wesley So, Angelo Young, Hector Feliciano, Emiliano Bayer, Geber Bugia, Terence Tesorero, Santiago Mata, Joe Damocles and Eric Gintahan. Vic Feria assisted in the analysis of their games and documenting their participation through photographs as shown on the gallery section.

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The forum section is open to all chess afficionados. In the forum is where we can discuss anything about chess. We may disagree or agree on certain moves or just plain socializing. This is the place to make friends and strengthen bonds between chess lovers. Make sure to register and enjoy the forum.